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  1. Neurological conditions – a permanent challenge from pregnancy to childhood
    Vlad Dima
  2. Umbilical cord abnormalities in newborns with birth asphyxia
    Andreea Calomfirescu-Avramescu, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Demetrian, Alexandra Stancu, Anca Balanescu, Paul Balanescu et al.
  3. Prader-Willy syndrome: heterogenous genetic mechanisms in a wide phenotypic spectrum
    Georgeta Cardos, Vlad Dima, Mariana Predescu, Mihaela Demetrian, Florina Mihaela Nedelea
  4. Cerebral palsy: review of epidemiology, etiology, clinical features, classification and prevention
    Claudia Gabriela Potcovaru, Teodor Salmen, Marius Costin Chitu, Vlad Dima, Roxana Elena Bohiltea, Delia Cinteza et al.
  5. The ultrasound evaluation of corpus callosum in the routine screening is not recommended, because we know less than we see
    Cristiana-Elena Durdu, Vlad Dima, Bianca-Margareta Mihai, Ionită Ducu, Ana Maria Cioca, Roxana-Elena Bohiltea
  6. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy in the outpatient department – a red-flag for associated risk factors and comorbidities
    Teodor Salmen, Anca Valeria Pietrosel, Bianca Margareta Mihai, Roxana-Elena Bohiltea, Doina Andrada Mihai, Daniela Stegaru et al.
  7. Epilepsy in pregnancy: a challenge for good maternal and fetal outcomes
    Valentin Varlas, Roxana Georgiana Bors, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Claudia Mehedintu
  8. The neuroprotective effects of magnesium sulfate in utero exposure
    Teodor Salmen, Vlad Dima, Claudia Gabriela Potcovaru, Bianca Margareta Mihai, Delia Cinteza, Roxana-Elena Bohiltea
  9. Chronic headache and migraine in pregnancy
    Valentin Varlas, Vlad Dima, Roxana Georgiana Bors, Mihaela Plotogea, Claudia Mehedintu
  10. Maternal and neonatal nerves injuries during delivery
    Valentin Varlas, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Roxana Georgiana Bors
  11. The Importance of a Correct and Prompt Diagnostic in a Case of Bacillar Meningo-Encephalitis
    Marius Costin Chitu, Paula-Roxana Raducanu, Vlad Dima, Bianca-Margareta Mihai, Teodor Salmen, Olivia Andrei et al.
  12. Multiple sclerosis in pregnancy – current neurological considerations
    Maria Anghelache, Roxana Georgiana Bors, Maria Ciocarlan, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Valentin Varlas
  13. Neurological lesions of the mother and the fetus in preeclampsia – an overview of the literature
    Maria Ciocarlan, Roxana Georgiana Bors, Maria Anghelache, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Valentin Varlas
  14. Zika virus disease in pregnancy and associated fetal neurological complications – a descriptive review
    Roxana Georgiana Bors, Maria Anghelache, Maria Ciocarlan, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Valentin Varlas
  15. Current therapies to reduce the risk of brain damage associated with preterm birth
    Eliza Clotea, Roxana Georgiana Bors, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Valentin Varlas
  16. Fetal brain injury in survivors of twin pregnancies in single fetal intrauterine death – a short literature review
    Andreea Calomfirescu-Avramescu, Alexandra Stancu, Vlad Dima, Roxana Bohiltea, Valentin Varlas, Adrian Ioan Toma et al.
  17. Neonatal cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Diagnosis, management and outcome – a short case series
    Adrian Ioan Toma, Magdalena Iriciuc, Irina Aura Cuzino, Brindusa Petcariu, Raluca Olteanu, Bogdan Gont et al.
  18. COVID-19 in pregnancy – a possible risk factor for the poor neurological outcome of the infant
    Vlad Dima, George Iancu, Roxana-Elena Bohiltea, Raluca Mariana Stanescu, Andreea Avramescu-Calomfirescu, Valentin Varlas et al.
  19. Aspects in the neurological localization of intrapartum infections
    Diana-Ioana Botezatu, Roxana-Elena Bohiltea, Bianca-Margareta Mihai, Teodor Salmen, Vlad Dima
  20. Changes in maternal sleep during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes
    Roxana Georgiana Bors, Vlad Dima, Mihaela Plotogea, Valentin Varlas

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